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John, that should not be too difficult to repair with a "dent puller" and heat..........does not seem to be rusted;

I could possibly get a better picture. It is wrinkled pretty badly and might be "cheaper"/"easier" for my fab guy to just splice in a newer piece.

John, I am thinking 'mmmm be better to do the fab guy. But posting these for you anyway.
yep, this is an area that they do rust a LOT...John, actually yours look a lot better than most...:hmm:a good bodyman can do wonders with heat and a dent puller on something like yours:)

Thank you for the picture... um... yeah... I think it would take a fab guy with god powers to get that to work ;)

:lol: ain't it just so sad that most of them are gone in the same places. And like Lou, I think yours is really in pretty good shape...guess that tells you what we are working with. :frown:

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