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i have pieces of paper wrapped around there. i've also used electrical tape.
Steal the feet off of one of your wife's kitchen appliances. Bet you have some old pc of junk ready for the garbage...or a old style hardware store for some rubber feet/rubber bumpers.

Preferably the little rural type hardware store that will sell 1 or 2 for 8 cents each rather than a package of 200.

Actually, just measured for the heck of it. The missing bumper is the same thickness and just about the same diameter as a standard rubber spacer used for spacing peg board...so, a little recess trim cut, a small bolt and nut and away you go. Or glue.
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search for "rubber bumpers" scroll down the page # 3647

you'll get a bunch, throw in envelopes and sell to the rest of the pig owners that dont have them. you'll easily make youre $15 back with 50 pairs to sell.
Got mine at Home Depot:

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