WTT:1988 GMC 2500 1 family truck for FJ60

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United States
My father bought this truck brand new in 1988 and I grew up riding all over in the back seat of this truck. It has very sentimental value but it must go so I can move on to my next project. The ac blows cold, heat blows nice and hot, very extensive records. My dad babied this truck and passed it on to me and I have taken great care of it. It is in great shape to be 20 years old...I would like to trade for an FJ60 that is in equal shape. To give you an idea of the price range it is worth, I am asking $4,750 for this rig. Other trucks in this shape are getting between $4,500-5,000.

Here we go:

The good:
1988 GMC 2500 3/4 ton 6 lug 2wd lwb ext cab. 1 family vehicle, dad and then me. Truck is my daily driver and works great for this. The truck has 147k miles, auto trans, 350 5.7 v8 700r4 trans. Overall the truck is in pretty damn good shape compared to others with same age. New(er) parts include: 95-up gm folding mirrors(i hated the chrome dumbo mirrors used 88-94)Nitto Terra Grappler 285/75/16 a/t tires, rear main seal,spark plugs, plug wires, coil, air filter, front shocks, front leveling kit. Also has flowmaster 2 chamber exhaust tucked underneath with no visible tips(i like the stealth approach) Clarion cd player, Clarion inside speakers. Husky liner floor mats. Dad installed a military ammo box under the hood to hold tools, rags etc. 5% tint. I am probably leaving out some other stuff I can't think of.
The bad:
the truck does show normal wear and tear for a 19 year old vehicle. Needs a new hazard/blinker switch. You can manually hold the blinker arm back and forth when using signal. The speedometer recently started dropping out of sight for a few minutes. I wonder if there is a loose connection to the transmission or something. When under full lock either way the oversized all terrain tires barely rub. The fuel gauge recently stopped working. I hear it's not a big deal to change, front w/s has a crack thats been there since like 1992.

If you are interested in a possible trade or a purchase please email me David at dskeetgt@yahoo.com ir call me at 256-310-2374, i am located in anniston, al. approx in the middle in between birmingham, al and atlanta, ga off of I-20.




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