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Feb 11, 2005
morristown nj
decided to talk to the local fix-it guy about my water pump.
quoted me almost SIX HUNDRED BUCKS for the pump alone.
And an open end on the labor time, since the truck is "so old".
He did say the dealer quoted him the "whole package" which we both agreed probably includes the fan clutch too, but come on...600 bucks!
i gotta take a vacation day for this, do it my self.
get ahold of c-dan i really have to replace the fan clutch too? i know its better to do it then, but if i dont need to, why bother?

Water pump : less than $ 120 at local parts houses.

Clutch : My medium milage rig ( passed 420,000 miles last week) has 200,000+ mile old clutch ! { radiator shop said I needed repl, so I did it,,,don't think I really needed too, but I was young,,,,once} Al, has your fan cluth been r&r'd ?

DIY time : 4ish hours, includes clean up ( I did my 2nd replacment about 6 months ago...replacment before that was about 8 yr ago)
a Toyo pump from Dan is somthing like 64 I think... As for my fan clutch... I still have yet to replace that or the water pump. Although I have a toyo one sitting in a box ready to go in. My fan clutch went about 3 years ago. Its stuck on, my truck runs super cool because of it. Great in the summer, kinda crappy in the winter. So its on the do to list before GSMTR.
Your local fix it guy must be running behind on his jet boat payments.
you know, he actually DOES have a cigarette boat. says "tire'd guy" like in
tire guy.
The WP is more like $125 and the fan clutch about the same. Add in new belts and hoses, thermostat and labor-$600 total would be about right. $600 for parts is crazy, unless he is also including a new radiator.
I asked about buying the water pump and fan clutch as an assembly rather than separately when I talked to one of C-Dan's guys about prices a few months ago. He told me the list price on the assembly was close to $500. Maybe $600 from the mechanic isn't such a stretch if that's what he was quoted.

I think I wound up paying less than $200 for both parts separately, with C-Dan's discount.
If the $ is a problem right now....If it an't broke; don't fix it. You can't look at a fan clutch and judge if it is about to go. It either works or it don't. You can figure it will go sooner or later. If it goes you may over heat a little till you get it fixed, but it won't be like the WP goning out. If it goes you turn off the A/C and trun on the heaters to disapate the heat to get home...

Follow up on buying seperatly cause yeah why not change it if it is reasonable.

Do the WP your self, then you'll know how to get back at that Fan Clutch.
water pump...

PN 161100-61081-77 Lists for 91.79 ih8mud price is 68.84

cruiser drew do you always have to disagree with me:flipoff2:

fan clutch is 170ish
Repack the fan clutch, don't replace it.

or buy one off of Ebay for $30 and repack that ;)

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