WTF?????? Burnt plugs........electrodes GONE!!!

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Jan 15, 2003
Eagle, ID
Fxxx me! When I drove it back home from SLC, I ended up with 3 burned off electrodes and 2 heavily fouled plugs. So, I changed the plugs when I got it home, about 3 months ago. Since then, I've had some missing issues. I changed the fuel filter this weekend, and then went back through all the plugs. Two were completely burned off..........I mean the electrode was smoked off, and I haven't been driving it a lot. The dizzy looks good.

My 60 has a 350 conversion and a NV4500 trans...... very nicely done. Block-hugger headers with Jet Hot ceramic coating. Sounds like it's got a leak in the exhaust manifold, but would that cause this?

What the hell could be causing this? I've adjusted the TBI for my elevation and everything else is great. Assloads of go in the lower gears, but once I hit 4th or 5th, the engine starts missing. HELP!!!!!!!! What do you think?????
Plugs too hot - wrong heat range.
Intake leak making a lean condition.
Too much advance.
Plugs are Autolite Platnium 605. Standard long reach plugs. I'm wondering about the advancement. What would be other symptoms, if any?

Any other input?
This used to happen to my Honda CB350 back in the day...
Exhaust leak because one of my studs was missing for one pipe. Used to have to carry an extra plug because that cylinder would melt the electode right off the plug. Eventually It had to get a valve job...

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