WTB Wagon in Southeast

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United States
WTB FJ60/FJ80/FJ62 in Southeast

Hey all,

I am looking for a Cruiser wagon. The truck will be used mostly for wheeling, camping, and tailgating during football season. Scratches, small dents, and a little rust are OK. I am looking to spend up to $3k on a stock truck, would prefer to spend less so there is money left for mods. I could possibly convince the :princess: to stretch to $4k for a modified truck (lift, tires, bumpers, winch, lockers, etc. any or all are acceptable), but no more :(.

Anything local to Upstate SC is better, because travel funds come out of the Cruiser budget. If the truck is far away from here, it has to be able to be driven back to SC. I am open to most any truck but my preferred order is this:

1. FJ60
2. F(Z)J80
3. FJ55
3. FJ62

I don't know why, but I like the 62 the least, guess I figure if I'm going 3FE and A440, might as well have the coil springs. Would pass on a 62 for awhile to wait on a 60 or 80. I won't even put the hundy in there, cause I can't afford one.

Thanks in advance! :beer:
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