wtb some mounts

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Dec 13, 2006
Calgary Ab Canada
United States
i am posting this here as these mounts are elusive and elude me. i am looking for 4 frame to body mounts. 1 is the fancy one that resides under the passengers/drivers foot and the rest are the mid cab L upside down that hold the body to frame. these r needed for me to have the oinker go thru inspection so PLEASE if u have them let me know or it is the FAB shop. thanks
oh yeah has to be shipped at my expense.thanks
Nothing special, just rubber donuts.

Doesn't Spector have any?
I had Lance @ IPOR fab the mount under the passenger's floorboard for me. He said he preferred to have the rig in-house to make sure everything fits but I couldn't do that. What he sent was so dang close it was amazing. Give him a call.

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