Wanted WTB Pulley and Bracket for AC 4 the 3B

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Nov 13, 2006
United States
I recently bought an AC "kit" from cruiserparts.net but it didnt come with a pulley or the correct bracket for the compressor. Please let me know if you have, or know where to find em.
Good luck!! I've got one I'm going to copy in Central America. PM me if you can't find one and want a copy too.
You'll need the A/C amplifier as well as the FJ60 one doesn't work on a diesel (it needs a coil signal).
I am waiting on micro fiche to get a part number, but sounds like toyota hasnt made them for some time.
For the bracket - I think I can fab something up based on pictures I have seen.
For the pulley - I was hoping that toyota used a similar system to chevy. They had pulleys that stack (just like cups) to add/remove belt grooves.
For the AC amplifier - It looks like the blower unit I have, has a 12volt fuseable link, with a lead that goes to the compressor. Despite being a kiwi my cruiser is 12v. Do I still need a coil?
My 'Cruiser is also a 12v unit. The A/C amplifier is mounted on the evaporator in the cab and controls the A/C clutch. The FJ60 amplifiers NEED a signal from the gasser ignition (coil) to know if the truck is running. I don't know how you'd do that in a diesel.
I was fortunate enough to find the correct diesel A/C amplifier and the OEM 3B compressor mount.
I got a part number for that AC pulley from Mike @ Champion toyota here in Austin:
Part No: 1347056101

He said that toyota system shows that as a bad part(prob because they dont supply it anymore). Fortunatly Marv @ Spectre hooked me up with the pulley, Bracket and compressor for a great price.

I have an a/c bracket somewhere, will have to find it. I think I have a hose as well. Are you still interested?

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