Wanted WTB: HDJ81 "JAOS" front bullbar "ends" (1 Viewer)

Nov 3, 2008
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
My HDJ81 came from Japan with a "JAOS" front bullbar. Problem is that the bumper "ends" were missing. I just have open space behind the bumper on both sides. It looks unfinished.

I'm looking for these "end" pieces left and right. I'll try to fabricate something in the meantime but I'd like the original pieces if I can find them.

Truck will have 35" tires on it for the summer - I'm concerned there may be interference with the bumper "ends". I can't check right now as I have 265/75-16 snow tires on it and there is lots of room. If anyone confirms interference, I will consider this when I fabricate custom.

JAOS winch bumper..JPG
JAOS bumper end.JPG

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