WTB: Greasable Shackle Bolts, spring pins and Turn Signals

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Sep 12, 2004
United States
I am looking for 18mm greasable shackle bolts, greasable spring pins and front turn signals for a

79 FJ55.

If anyone has these items please let me know. I would like the turn signals to be in excellent condition.

Scott; I don't know the diameter but got mine from SOR and they fit perfectly...standard pig suspension w/o any lift; did get the polyurethane bushings.........now 8 more zerks to care for.....nice difference in the ride.....HTH;

Thanks Lou

I have checked SOR and CCOT and they both have the 18mm bolts, but I was hoping to find something less than $12.00 a bolt. I have found a non greasable shackle bolt for $3.00 which is the way I am leaning. I have also found spring pins from Kurt at Cruiser Outfitters for quite a bit less than SOR and CCOT. Thanks again Kurt.

I actually decided to build my blue and white 55 and repair all the rust, are you still interested in a good 1979 FJ55 Arizona body?

Thanks for the heads up
Darn Scott; I went and got the 69 55 and am in the process of grafting it onto the 79..............it would have been a hell of a lot less headaches to have a 79 on a 79.......oh well.........the 69 was going to the crusher anyway so at least it will live on; are Kurt's pins "greasable"?
.......... Scott, the greasable pins make a noticable difference on the squeaks and quality of ride on the 78 :)

are your bases decent?..........new lenses are available along with the rubber seals; you can clean up your bases with steel wool; shoot the with paint and install new lenses; biggest problem is finding the 55fender mounts; HTH

I believe the bases are pretty much shot, but I really never dug to far into them. I broke the bolt in the middle while trying to take them off, so I figured they were probably too far gone to repair. I will have to see if I can do some repair work before I go and spend $75.00 per side for new.

Scott; greased piggy just rebuilt his and found a simple but brilliant solution to the rotten stalks; it was only a few days ago on the 55 preservation forum; HTH


I was just re-reading your post and found out I didn't answer your question. I am not sure if Kurt's pins are greasable or not, but for the price I am going to go with them anyway.

I was hoping you would want to buy my green 55 from Arizona and fix it up. I hate to see it get chopped up, hopefully when I post it someone will pick it up who likes 55's as much as you do.

As for the pedestal rebuild, I will do a search for the thread and see if I can do a repair on what I have.

Thanks for all of your help, I really should get a silver star and start posting pictures :hmm:

Thanks Again
a pleasure .......yep, I want to buy that 79 out of AZ.........but:princess:would have me commited :lol: just flipped the 69 body on the 79 frame last weekend...........a butt buster of a project, got the clutch hooked up today.....would have been a lot easier to go with a 79.......oh well, it needs a good home will keep my eyes open for you Scott.........keep us in pix:cheers:


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