Wanted WTB: Front Leaf Springs for HJ45 or HJ47

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I have a coule different sets of springs that may do the job for you.

I have a set of stock FJ40 leaf srpings from an '82 F40 with 7 leaves (1 more than the rear set that has 6) plus a full length add a leaf for a total of 8 leaves.

Also have a set of springs from the front of my 1982 FJ45 toopie. Let me know if you think either of those might work. Thanks.
Just so you know, you can swicth in any 40 series from either pre 8/80 or post 8/80 depending on your rigs manufacture date. The springs should be the same from a 40/42/43/44/45/47. Post 8/80 will have a different shackle, hanger, pins and bushings.
My cruiser is a 79 (8/79 or 10/79, IIRC). Its and HJ45, so I need front springs for a diesel. One of mine is bent at the shackle and the shackle is no longer functioning.

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