Wtb: Fj60 In Oregon

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I have been considering selling my FJ60. $2500
In downtown.
Well, it is a 1983 with 250,000. Not a perfect cruiser, but has been my dd. Pretty much rust free except the right rear fender well; which shows in the pic. Has a couple of small dents, and the right front fender has some damage next to the hood. Guy before me put safari windows in the back. Has some new stuff, clutch, alternator, ps pump -one of the lines leaks though-, front wheel bearings. Interior is ok, no big tears or anything. Problems: I need to find another set of tires before I sell it, one just lost a belt and now they mismatch, and there is an exhaust leak on the manifold. Thats all I can think of right now.
I just realized that you were in California. Little to far to go right now with gas at almost $4.

Kdub- Nice looking rig but Im looking for a AT tranny so my wife can drive it. I guess I should have posted that. THanks
So you want an FJ62 if you're stuck on 60 series - '88-'90

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