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Jan 18, 2009
United States
I started a thread a while back looking for a 40. Well its time. I have $3,500 max to spend. Again, Would like a 74 to 78 but will consider older ones.

Location: Memphis, TN but will drive roughly 6 hours in any direction.
Pickup Means: I will bring a trailer to take the rig home.
Use: Off road, not an extreme crawler by any means but will be used on larger rock trails and hopefully never come close to lots of mud.
Wanted condition: I will use this thing off road and have no plans on restoring the body to 100% but don't wont a rust bucket either, must have solid frame. Engine can either be a 2f or conversion but needs to be sound. Something that will get me from the trailer, through the trails, and back without falling apart or dieing on me. It doesn't have to have a top but would be nice (hard or soft). I don't mind having to do work to it, just trying to get as much as I can for my money.
Wish list: I know this is asking for a lot but when all is said and done, this is what I will have on/in my rig. Anything already done is just a plus.
  • Locker front/rear (will be ARB but any time is fine)
  • 4:56 or 88 Gears (stock 4:10 would be fine)
  • 33" or 35" - Beads would be great but that would start to push it out of my price range.
  • Lift to allow 33/35s (4" or so)
  • Shackle reversal
  • Roll Cage
  • Disk Brakes
  • Power Steering
  • Spring over axle (Maybe)
  • Winch
I'm not looking for something that I can take out and tear up, but something that I will be able to maintain/add on to and will keep me out on the trail for years to come. Shoot me a PM.
May 11, 2008

dude i dont mean to sound like a jerk but you have pretty high hopes in finding a cruiser with all those goodies for 3500. better keep saving you pennies!!!!!!
Jan 18, 2009
Yea, I know. Not asking for the world, just saying that list is part of what I'm looking for and where I will take the cruiser. I'm not asking for it to be all that when I buy it. Even if what I find only has one or two of those mods, its more than I had before. I'm just seeing whats available. Thanks though. :cheers:

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