WTB FJ40 in Carolinas or Surrounding

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Married white male, currently going through mid-life crisis, seeking non-smoking, rugged and reliable FJ40 Land Cruiser, preferably ’76-78 model year, for long-term relationship, including long drives on the weekends.

Seriously though, I’ve been unsuccessful in my search for a reasonably priced, un-restored, at least average condition FJ40. I want a “daily driver” without a ton of miles, that isn’t a rust bucket and preferably still has the original F or 2F motor, front disc brakes installed if it is a ’75 or earlier, contrasting white roof panel, original wheels, and long-term potential for being restored should I ever win the Pick 4.

I’ve got my eye on a nice ’76 FJ40 on eBay from outside of LA with no rust but suspect it will get more than what I can spend. If I could find one with no rust, I could justify spending the money to ship it, so long as my wife never found out what I really had in it.

Did you see one by the side of the road with a For Sale sign in the window, drive past one sitting in the back of a used car lot, heard about a friend of a friend with too many toys and looking to sell his FJ40 or found one posted for sale inconspicuously on Craigslist that looks like it fits my description? Better yet, finally ready to part with your FJ40 if you find that “right” buyer that won’t “ruin” it or sell it for parts? Please let me know.

I've put in countless hours into this search and am hoping this posting will help me find that right FJ40 at the right price. I live in Tega Cay, SC (not far from Charlotte, NC) and am willing to "go the distance" for the right Cruiser.

It seems I left off a crutial bit of information; my price range. Some friends have told me that if I am patient, willing to look hard and am a bit lucky, I could find what I'm looking for and spend around $5k so long as I'm willing to spend another $1k or so to make some fixes. I've found a lot at 2x that price in what I would consider very good shape for being unrestored and found several that need a lot of work with asking prices in the $3-4k range. From what I've read and seen in some posts, ih8mud member opinions vary widely on how much something is really worth just from looking at the pictures of FJ40s newbie guys like me find for sale. Ideally, I need to spend no more than $7k finding and fixing it to my liking. I know that's not much to work with in comparison with what I'm looking for, and what a lot of guys have put into their cruisers, but its all I can do (and I'll surely be hiding receipts from my wife at that).

Thanks for the emails I've received thus far. I'm doing my best to clear out emails quickly as I am limited to 5, being new to the site.
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I've revised my posting to include my price range. Thanks for the PMs and posts.
I have a 78 FJ40 for sale. Rebuilt 2F engine, mechanically sound, hard top and ambulance doors included. Needs rust repair and paint. I'm currently using it as a daily driver. $7000 or best offer near Baton Rouge, LA. Call Scott 225-223-1820
I have a 76 FJ-40, saginaw power steering, disk brakes, body, hard top, & interier have been sanded & painted with hurculiner (hand painted rhino-liner), header, electronic ignition, weber, aftermarket gauges, electrical works, recovered seats front & rear (good shape), curerntly running 31" BFG All Terrains on stock FJ-60 chrome wheels. I can send pics if interested, PM me your e-mail/phone # if interested. Thanks! $6,500

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fj for sale

I have a 77 with the origional rebuilt 2f that runs great!.. great trans and rebuilt tcase .. im in illinois but id actually be willing to deliver it too you for the price of gas both ways and trailer rental ...

my best friend lives down there and this would give me an excuse to go see him!..

this truck is an origional florida fj so that means it has never seen salt or snow... and the frame looks magnificent! the body did have a little rust but i trimed the fenders and gave it a quick paint job .. it looks pretty good! le tme know.. email me @ bsteele@advisorsil.com
PM'd sfkursevich on 5/6/09
PM'd blemarr on 5/6/09 (email received back)
Email sent to Bsteele 5/7/09

Hey I hope you enjoy it and take care of it, I tried to call to see if you made it back, I know it found a new nice home!!

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