WTB - early 6.2/6.5T vehicle

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United States
I am looking to buy in the DFW area of Texas (or within 300 miles or so) several complete vehicles that has an early 6.2 diesel or later 6.5Turbo diesels. Drivable is preferred but running is really needed. I don't care if it's wrecked beyond belief and you need me to drag it away. I will. I am going to build a WVO truck as a proof of concept project and from there put it on the street as my daily driver.

Tell me what ya got and I'll haul it away - if the price is right and it's running & rolling, I'll buy it out right and convert it for my project. It doesn't have to be beautiful.

If you know where one is near me (75043 - Dallas) send an email. The donor trucks are: 1982 - 98 GM 1/2, 3/4, & 1 ton pickups, SUVs, van, and box vans. This would be pickups, suburbans, blazers, jimmys, yukons, tahoes, vans or hummers.

Thanks - David

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