WTB: DIESEL cruiser

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United States
Looking for a diesel cruiser in the U.S.

No rustbuckets. 60 series preferred. Will pay

reasonable fair price.

Only interested in legal, well maintained trucks. Thanks.
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I may be selling my 1983 FJ60. I converted it to a 3B diesel/5 spd tranny in Nov 2006. I bought it in Colorado in 1998 with 217,000miles and have owned it ever since. I live near Vancouver, Canada. So it was imported here but can VERY easily be exported due to it originally being a US truck. It is very clean near rust free truck. There is some surface only rust due to rock chips. E mail me for pics. I will most likely post it for sale in the next few weeks.

1983 FJ60 252,000miles
3B diesel/5 spd/t-case swapped in 200,000miles(320,000km)
OME suspension kit
stock wheels
33x10.5/15" BFG M/T
New headliner
new exhaust front to back
H4 lights with upgraded wiring
small typicall rip in driver seat
Cd player

email sent

sent you an email. how many miles on the engine?
As said above.....320,000km onm engine. I took the engine/tranny/t-case from a friends running/driving vehicle that was rusty. I have put on around 5,000km since and it runs great.

I responded to your email as well.

sent you an email. how many miles on the engine?
Petzel, just curious... did you do this conversion yourself or did you have a shop do it? Investigating the possibility of doing the same.
I did the conversion myself. I had bought my friends 1984 BJ60 and parked them in the shop side by each. You just unbolt and refit onto the good truck. A little welding of motor mounts, but other than that straight forward.

If you want more info email me, so we dont cloud the original post.
Diesel Cruiser Oregon

85 BJ70 in Oregon, w/ OR Title
3b w/ turbo Intercooled
Air conditioning
Too much to list
Cost-We can talk for around 14K
PM me
i have a soa bj60 with axt turbo 330k kms. needs front end alignment, new front tires and front axle turned so 4wheel drive will work flawlessly and this truck would be pretty solid.i drive it everyday and gets over 500 kms to a tank of diesel (80 litres). email me for more info if your interested, located in vancouver bc


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