WTB 80 series Landcruiser in Southeast

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Where are you in Southeast? There is a 94 without lockers with 158k in Nashville, TN. Not a bad looking truck. Let me know if you interested. I asked the owner to send me pictures.

95 FZJ80 soon to be for sale

Sent you a PM regarding my 80. Located in central NC. Thanks.
Considering selling my 1995 80 series, again

1995 80 series
Factory lockers
Lots of new stuff - radiator, water pump, front brakes and rotors, no leaks (absolutely no leaks because I replaced everything that was leaking - rear main seal, valve cover gasket, oil pump gasket), new front carpet, front seats recovered with leather within last couple of years, new interior parts, transmission serviced within last year, and more............(that's all I could think of quickly, without pulling all my records). ALL WORK DONE BY LOCAL TOYOTA DEALERSHIP. HAVE RECEIPTS TO DOCUMENT. Also would be willing to put you in contact with the service rep I deal with, who can give you an independent opinion on the vehicle.

Does need new paint job. No rust or significant dents but does have a few door dings (to be expected with a 1995 vehicle). Also needs new antenna - existing one only comes down 1/2 way.

140,000 miles.

I had it for sale on this forum late last year. You may be able to find links to pictures in my previous post if interested in searching.

PM me if interested. I'm in south Texas.
Even though I have one for sale posted earlier on this thread, I don't think you can go wrong with any of these 80-series listed here. They all look like good trucks. It's amazing that you can buy such a capable vehicle with not much $$.
$6500 for my White 97 with 222,500 - really good shape

Running great, no major mechanical issues..just an extra car we don't drive as much now...

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