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Hello All,

Hope everyone is well. I've tried to stick to just reading forums and not posting to avoid becoming addicted, but I feel as though it's bound to happen someday, might as well start now. My name is Robert, I'm located in Dallas, Tx, and plan to drive the FJ around town with some very light offroading if I have the chance.

Below is what I'm looking for, feel free to send suggestions or potential cruisers to RLee371@gmail.com please include all the photo's you've got (theres no such thing as too many) as well as all of the info, asking price, etc. on the cruiser. Thanks in advance for your help.

For several months I have been looking for the "right" FJ40. I've been scouring MUD, Craigslist and eBay for cruisers. Initially I wanted the modded out 350 engine 4 disc brake etc cruiser, but after looking for several months, my interests have changed. I'm drawn to the original cruiser, not the 50/50 chevy toyota cruiser. I would like to find an FJ with the original engine, 2F ideally. Obviously the lower the miles the better, but a rebuilt engine, sandblasted/treated frame, etc. would be ok.

I am living in an apartment right now, so the truck needs to be in good working condition, I won't have the time, the tools, or the space (or much experience) to solve problems on my own, and I don't have the money to constantly take it to a shop.

I want the original non-cut body, with all decals, electricals etc working. Ideally I could find a 78+ FJ, but would consider other years depending on the condition and how well it met my criteria. I'd like to stick to original interior, so no racing seats etc. added. Ideal colors I'm looking for are freeborn red, or the desert sand color, but am not completely opposed to other colors.

I'd like to get a cruiser that has 4 disc brakes, power steering, as well as some suspension work (a slight lift to fit 33s or 35s, new shackles and shocks, etc.) I don't need an FJ that has lockers, but will not turn an FJ equipped with lockers away as long as it hasn't been molested and abused. A hardtop is not a must, as I will be riding with the top off for the vast majority anyways. I don't want the truck to have rust, and if it does have rust, it needs to be minimal.

My budget for the vehicle is $10,000 which needs to also account for my tag & tax. I do not know what the typical $ figures are for a tag and title for an FJ, so if anyone wants to share their figures please feel free to do so.

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1976 Fj40 for sale

I have this 1976 that I am in the process of cleaning up now. A few things I need to finish. I'm in Eastern Oregon. I'm thinking 7,000. Dennis 541-969 7952
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