Wanted wtb 3b alternator 12vlt

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Dec 1, 2005
United States
as the title implies...looking for a bj60 alt 12vlt, rectifier set bad,so really looking for the rectifier set. Local supplier says it is not avavil except through toyota. I am located in Camrose, Alberta.
thanks in advance

hey bob

i got a used one from a 83 if u are interested. it was working when pulled in november. make me an offer.

hi cam,
no idea of what they are used... what do you want for it, and about how many miles on it
hey bob

no idea on the miles on it. it is from a wagon i bought for a project and is no use to my 24v 42. i have no idea on price for it either. a million pesos sounds good:) really i have no idea because it might last 3 weeks and it might last 3 years. if you can make it to calgary we could have it tested and jazz. send me a pm if you want my phone # etc.

hey bob

i am heading to Wetaskiwin tommorow sunday the 23. let me know and i can meet u up there somewhere

hi cam what time are you going to be up? I have to work in the afternoon.
....24vlt, eh .. i have a couple of 24 volt alts with pumps from 42 i believe Need to brushes and regulators not sure if they work or not, have no reason to belive they don't and a 24 volt starter in parts, and a few other parts.....
give me a call 608-1835 (after 900 am please as i just finished a shift)

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