WTB: 2F Engine

Discussion in 'PA- Steel City Land Cruiser Club' started by Rockatansky, Dec 27, 2016.

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    Sep 20, 2013
    Hey guys, been in Pittsburgh for a few years now with a '78 FJ40, it's been sulking in the back of my garage with a thrown rod. I found a donor engine, took it to a shop to get swapped (my garage ceiling is too low for my hoist to pull the original!), and it turns out the donor was seized, likely from sitting (1 year with me, 2 years with PO). The shop I took it to got it moving, pulled the head, then took a look at the crank. Crank looks good, cylinders look mostly clear, but it's still hitching a little bit while manually turning over. I don't think they have pulled the pistons completely out of the cylinders yet, I'm going to see them tomorrow. Hopefully we'll be able to take a look and see what's catching. They are recommending a rebuild, but I'd like to get the 40 on the road quickly. Does anyone have a line on a 2F engine? I'm looking for a runner that will keep things moving for the next year while I rebuild either the donor or the (factory) original engine that originally went.

    Thanks for reading, looking forward to joining you all at one of your monthly meetings to meet the community and find out where the good trails are around here!

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