Wanted WTB: 13bt waterpump kit

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Mar 14, 2003
United States
title says it all. i have an orange block 13BT with a leaky waterpump. need a NEW replacement with the proper gaskets asap.

thanks in advance!!!

georg @ valley hybrids
16100-59105 Same as 3B.
Comes with steel gasket.
Call a Toyota dealer that knows how to order
off line or Canadian spec parts.
thanks sheldon! i hit up greg via pm sterday and if the local dealer can't help then i'll be calling you guys early this week. i did come up with the same part # for the pump and plan on ordering the short bypass hose at the same time per gregs suggestion.

you guys rock! :cheers:
If the dealer wants a VIN or something silly let me know and I will grab the # off the Canadian
BJ70 we are parting.
Let us know if you need one.... Ideally you don't want to pay the Toyota Canada mark up and then ship the pump all the bay back down to Cali again.
Napa has the pump. tell them it's for a 84 BJ60. That's how I received one for my 13-BT
thanks for the info and input guys. i ordered one from the dealer today, should be here in a few days, was'nt that expensive either. but they could'nt help me with the bypass hose so i need to double check the #.

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