Worth to do 05 nav update?

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Dec 27, 2004
Boulder Co.
Just wondering if it is worth paying to update my 05 navigation with software? Do graphics get better ,or is it just updating new streets etc.
Good question. I'm interested to know as well.
Are you referring to getting a new navigation disk or actually upgrading the software. If its the software, could you post more information? I have not read about that.

Disk only ,sorry for me being confused.
When I updated the NAV disc in my 06, I only noticed street updates (new streets, corrections in locations, etc).

The code may have been updated with the disc as well, but I didn't see any updated functionality or visual improvements.
I've updated the map DVD twice, the most recent being 2013. The graphics and functionality did not change and I don't think Toyota makes a firmware update. There were lots of new roads and POIs. if you want my Gen 4 2010 map DVD for free, PM me.
THANKS Sandroad!
I have my cruiser in Kigali, East Africa and was wondering if somebody would know if a map would be available on the factory satnav.

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