Words of wisdom from my old man...

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Feb 26, 2003
Some of you folks have met my dad. He had knee replacement surgery this week - been a long time comin'. 'Bout thirty some odd years ago he took a nasty spill on a motorcycle, which is what ultimately led to this surgery. Today my mom sent me an email:

"Today Randy hobbled to the bed with his walker, strained to get his leg up, looked at the 24 staples holding the wound together, and out of his mouth came these words:
'You know, it might be better just never to ride a motorcycle.'"

Just took 'im a little long to figure it out!:doh:
I ain't got a licka use for them motorscooters. :rolleyes:

Glad to hear your Old Man's gettin' fixed up though and wishin' 'im a quick recovery. :cool:

We ever gonna see 'im ... or you ... again??

Maybe The Ramble??

Well, I didn't intend to drop off the face of the earth, it just happened...

Somehow or another, I'll catch up to you folks, somewhere. GSMTR, Ramble, Reunion....somethin'. I'd bet on the Ramble and/or reunion... I've got a soft spot for Hot Springs... somethin' about rollin' a damn truck...
He gave 'em up after crashin' the second one too... thing is he crashed the second one 'bout 30 years after the first one, and crashed it twice, just to be sure!

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