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Apr 11, 2006
I searched and searched and found lots of suggestions but nothing like my problem....or what I think my problem is. I am the new owner of a 97 collectors edition. The PO had a nice garage and it lived inside. My garage houses the FJ40, so the 80 is in the driveway. Last week we had tropical storm like rains (10") in North FL. Front carpets were soaked. I sourced the DS leak to wiring coming thru the firewall grommet. Fixed that. PS is another story. Took the mirror apart. Took the door apart. Applied lots of water to very specific locations. It is not the sunroof, windshield, XM antenna wire, AC drain, or any of the other likely culprits.

I am focusing in on the glass runs (the part where you would rest your elbow if the window is down....not the rubber gasket that the window slides up into....those seem good). Look at the pics and you can see a small GAP at the front end of the runs...near the morror. Also, the PO installed the rainshield things and had to cut teh gasket for the side mirror. What I think is happening is that water is being channelled into the GAP and running down the inside of the door. The PO also put in aftermarket front speakers that are deeper that stock. The water hits the speakers and runs out the speaker hole in the door panel and runs down the door panel to the carpeted portion at the bottm of the door panel and then wicks into the floor carpet & padding.

Question 1: anyone else have this problem and identify this as the problem?

Question 2: suggestions for fixing?

Question 3: what is the likelyhood the runs shrink and pull back over time, thus leaving that GAP. Does anyone have new runs they could measure the lenght of and then post up for me to compare to my old ones?

Question 4: anyone ever seal up the hole that the side mirror wiring goes thru when you pop off the cover on the bottom of the mirror housing?

My plans are to order new runs and side mirror gasket, and then probably put a bead of silicone on the speaker when I reinstall.

thanks in advance for any help. Hopefully once I get this solved I can focus on more fun improvements.

more pics coming....
1 005a.jpg
1 007a.jpg
1 009a.jpg
more pics

speaker and full body shot...
1 011a.jpg
1 021a.jpg
Partial Solution

Well, I got some DynaMat from my local stereo installer and went to work waterproofing the front door speakers...

  • made a template
  • cut the dynamat to size
  • made a "bowl" :cool: and surrounded the speaker.
  • So far, not more water thru the speaker.
Now just waiting on new door moulding from Dan, and then hopefully done with this aggravation.

Pics document the process.....
speaker 002a.jpg
speaker 005a.jpg
speaker 006a.jpg
some more

trimmed off about 3/4 inch of the backing of the dynamat and stuck it on. Some places the 3/4" was a little short so I had to add a little overlap piece.
speaker 015a.jpg
speaker 017a.jpg
speaker 019a.jpg
final pics

finished and back together.

hopefully it's waterproof and it sounds better too!
speaker 020a.jpg
finished and back together.

hopefully it's waterproof and it sounds better too!

Thats a great idea just from the sound standpoint, hope it works for you, keep us posted, I'd like to do that to mine
where do you get the product?
My truck leaks the same way on both doors which is a concern to me when I upgrade the stereo system. Both speakers in there now are completely rusted the PS had to be disconnected. I have replaced both belt moldings and resealed the mirror with FIPG and it still leaks, its just the nature of the beast. I like your solution but you are going to limit the range of your speakers being there is now airflow behind them when the move in and out.
I got the dynamat from a custom stereo shop. Run a search here and you will find lots of info.

Speaker sound may be limited, but that does not concern me too much. Rusted speakers, wet carpet, and rotten door panels do concern me. I will be installing new belt moulding and side mirror gaskets this week. Question, did your new belt moulding still leave a GAP as illustrated in my first pics posted on this thread?
Wow I don't know how I missed this thread last year when I was trying to solve my water issues. PO also put aftermarket speakers in mine and I didn't even think that could be a source for water leaks. Now I'm wondering what the door cards look like.. Nice fix - adding this to my (ever growing) list to look into.

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