Who is going to represent? Sounds like Alaska Off Road Warriors sequel!

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Jul 20, 2013
Leucadia, CA
Details here

We are looking for dynamic candidates for an upcoming off-roading show.
We'll be following several two-person teams in their off- road vehicles
(Jeeps, Land Rovers, etc.) as they take on a variety of terrains and
environments. We're looking to film for a month this summer.

We would like the candidates to be have their own vehicle and to be able
to fix their own vehicles during this expedition. They should also have a partner (friend, relative) who can drive/ride during this expedition.

If you are interested, please contact Kate Carroll, producer at Original Productions, off board at kcarroll@origprod.com. Please send pix of yourself/partner and your vehicle.
Muahahahahahaha. I could do this. Unless of course I have to take a month off of work then no deal.

Bets on next location? I'm not sure where in Southern California could compare to the bogs of Alaska. Maybe Baja? Doubt they're shipping trucks to the amazon. Prize last season was $100,000. That could buy a lot of cigars @elripster
Sounds like a blast but I'm with Frank. The work and family thing kinda gets in the way. Plus, the trek would likely destroy my truck.
I turns out you have to take an entire month off. There is no way I can do that.

i could do this. i want to do this!
Go fot it. If I could take a whole month of off work I would.


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