Which suspension?

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Jun 11, 2012
South Arica
Good day folks.
I am looking for advice on suspension for my '85 BJ70 CND spec please.
seems its only OME that makes the correct leaf springs for it? mine is so flat it only has about 25mm travel between the axle and the rubber stop up front. i can get 75 springs but i don't know if the blades are the same width/length?
as always,thanks for the input.
I just did my BJ74 and it was an inch off the front stops too. I replaced with EFS brand springs, shocks, bushes, u-bolts etc, a 2" lift over stock. I highly recommend them of you can get them in CND.

73/74 uses a 75 series front and a 60 series rear. Perhaps 70/71 is the same, I would assume so.
i am actually in south africa, EFS i can get from a friend of mine. what is the weight of your 74? ,i am just a little concerned about that because my 70 weighs in at a measly 1310kg compared to the heavier 60 and 75. but thanks for the tip,ill take it up and see where i can get what.
Mine doesn't have a compliance plate, so I'm not actually sure. The 74's are a fibreglass top though so I'd say it would be very similar to the GVM of a steel top 70.
Lots of companies make springs for the 70 series
King Springs
and more with a google search.

The SWB and MWB rears are the same as a 60 series and the fronts are all same the for the leaf sprung 70 series

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