Where to mount free compressor

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May 2, 2012
jackson ms
So my dad recently gave me a air compressor for my truck but I can't decide how or where to mount it and was wondering if any of you guys had ideas also it's only got a 1.5 gallon tank so I'd like to run an aux tank to
Can you separate the compressor from the tank? Then mount the compressor under the hood and remote mount the tank else where.
i took out my spare and found theres plenty of room under there for it just didnt know if it would be a PITA to get to when i need it and im sure i could seperate the two but the compressor still wouldnt fit under the hood with the v6 under there
That isn't a vehicle specific compressor; maybe that doesn't matter, but I don't think that it was made to live outdoors. I can see you getting some road spatter or water in it causing it to fail. That said, it looks like it has already had a long and hard life, so if it hasn't broken yet, maybe it's a very special compressor indeed...

Anyway, assuming the girlie in the background isn't a 7ft amazonian, it doesn't look like it is THAT big. Might be worth removing it and seeing if you can fit it in somewhere. People have gotten creative to make enough room for a second battery, and that doesn't look larger than a battery.
Yeah it's a little bigger than a battery but I dont see how I could get a 2nd battery in there, it's not a automotive compressor but it was free and that is my favorite price so I was just looking for some ideas on if/how it could work
As far as I know Husky does not make a 12 volt compressor. Is this designed to run off household power? If so do you plan on running an inverter? Check the amps that it will draw, should be indicated on the compressor someplace. And welcome to the madness...
Where ya at kid? Get it mounted?


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