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Apr 9, 2013
Hey Team,

I am about to buy a winch, and I am going to install a Blue Sea 9001 switch between the winch and battery to prevent the winch from having constant power.

Where should I mount the switch? On the inboard side, outer surface of the battery box? That seems like the natural place but the switch seems a little big for that. I'd like to avoid having to route wire all the way to the firewall. Thoughts?

Also, I was just going to get the 4 position version of the switch rather than the simple on/off version. The price is the same, and my thinking is I'll make the winch position 2 on the switch, so that if I install some other things later I can make them run through position 1, and when I want the winch to run I'll switch it to 1+2. Right now all my wiring is stock, but I might one day add a second battery, accessory fuse block, etc. Does using the 4 position switch make sense to you, too? I'm not electrical literate.



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Mar 29, 2003
I’ll probably catch a little hell for this - but while I have a Blue Sea fuseblock in my boat, I run the Guest battery switches as I have 3 batteries:
2 start and power to the boat, and a deep cycle that just is for the trolling motor & pigtailed to a winch I’m adding into the boat.

Guest simple style:
GUEST 2 Position Heavy Duty Battery Switch, 20A AC | West Marine

I have the multiple style leading to that one above since it’s a simple power switch to the deep cycle. IDK the #, but there are 2 exact styles but one is far less amps for ~$40, so you need to watch the model # & amps with them.

HTH - since I was just there last year buyinng the parts for electrical upgrades.
Sep 8, 2017
Redding, CA
Pics show where I mounted a Blue Sea 6006 single-circuit disconnect for my winch and OBA clutch. Did this 7 years ago...have had no regrets about the switch location, or function (smooth, flawless). Not sure if the 6006 is dimensionally similar to the 9001 switch, but there's plenty of wall space on the battery box.




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