Where to for Trailer brakes ??

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Nov 8, 2004
Hey all.

I want to put some brakes on my trailer..
I have checked "TrailerPartsSuperstore"
But was wondering if any one would recommend any other places with good or bad experiences...

Im looking for the complete set up and I dont know if I uderstand this right or not but do I need to buy the drum along with the hubs and wheel pattern?
Or can just buy the drum along with the brakes??

The axle I got is rated at 3500# and the lug pattern is already 6-5.5.
The actual axle has 4 holes to what I imagine the brake system bolts to....

Given the size of the trailer and the weight Im going to haul with it.. I was thinking 12" Drum brakes rated at 7K...... might be overkill but I rather go over board and not have any bad experiences on some back country coming down the mountain...... Im also looking at getting a brake controller...

I already have all the wiring for the brakes ready to go and provided its all good how many bananas to install trailer brakes ?

Thanks in advance...
Find out what a trailer shop would charge you.2 cents Mike
I took a look at my Redneck Trailer Parts Catalog. The Brake assemblies retail for about $78 per side for a 12"X2" Dexter Axle The drum and hub assembly are separate; about $100 each retail. You have to know the brand of, or the spindle dimensions of your axle, because the drum replaces the hub you already have.
I found it to be easier and sometimes cheaper, to just get the whole axle assembly complete with the brakes. It is all new that way (spindles and bearings) and they are all the right parts. Just measure from your hub faces to order the correct length.
12 inch brakes may be a bit of overkill, which is great, as long as you can keep the same axle diameter so you don’t have to start replacing more parts to make it fit.
I recently ordered two axles for the two trailers I am building, one was just the standard 3500# 6/5.5 with 10" brakes, on the other I wanted to match the 8/6.5 lug pattern for my Dana 60's on my '69 FJ40. I ended up with a monstrous 3 inch axle with 12" brakes. It looks huge, especially being so narrow! It will work great for sure, but it looks like overkill!
The prices I mentioned were retail, the wholesale was way cheaper, so I am sure you can find a deal!
Six Robblees is _excellent_ for trailer and truck parts and they have a couple of stores in CA:


Here is an excellent reference for trailer wiring:

How to Wire your Car or Truck for Trailer Lights

Installing trailer brakes using complete assemblies is a 1 banana job. If you buy an entire axle it is just a matter of jacking the trailer and swapping them. The brake wiring circuit is pretty simple, but you need to be extra sure you have an _excellent_ ground in both trailer and truck, and that the wiring gauge is adequate (12 AWG or larger) since you will have up to 7 amps flowing, depending on brake size. In my experience most trailer electrical problems are due to either corrosion in the connectors or poor grounds.

What brake control were you planning to use?

John Davies
Spokane WA
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So, I went to my local RV store and asked for the parts needed..they quoted me $340
If I wanted them to install it add $140. no way....
I then asked for a new axle with brakes included and it also came with new springs $369.

I went on line and got the electric brakes kit complete and the Prodigy brake controler for $305 with free shipping... all parts made in USA as per sales person :rolleyes: hope is true...

Dont know about the brake controler.......

Used e-trailer....
Prodigy is a good one. I knew you could find a deal. Let everyone know how it works out!
I go my trailer brake controler and the wiring seems to be pretty straight forward.

Any body knows which wire is the live wire on the pedal (votage only when pedal is pushed).
A pic or diagram would help tons..
I got the electrical diagram but Im not good at reading this thing at all...
Oh yeah I have a brake switch since I did the Vortec conversion.. I dont know if that makes a difference..

Installed my trailer brakes and that was a on3 to tw0 banana job...

Thanks in advance...

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