Where to buy FJ60 (87) wheels (16" or 18") in ATL

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Dec 9, 2007
Marietta GA
These are to replace my stock 15x6 which are a compromise for a 31 or 32 inch tire.

My 87 is a daily driver, flat towed behind and RV 365 days a year.
I want to put some nice high aspect tires to compliment the 2.5" lift to get some good clearance.
Don't do hard core off road but want solid capabilities when needed.
The best I have found so far are Ultra 176 at Metro Wheel for $140 a pop.
To much money and to fancy for a plain old truck.

This (in black) would be just fine:

Thank you for considering my question.
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Thank you for the quick response and the offer.
I currently have the 15x6 stock chrome (mostly) wheels.
With any luck I'll have some spare stock wheels my self.

I updated my post to include that I am looking for replacement of my stock 15x6 wheels.
I want to put on some 32 and 15x6 are really to small for anything I can find.
16x8 or 17x8 inch wheels would give me a lot of good options.
I can find 16 for $140 or 17 for $200 but that is a lot of money and I don't even like the wheels, to flashy for me.

I think I have a set of stock 15" wheels, chrome is not in great shape. I am in NE GA and travel to Atlanta about once a month or two...
I loved this trail edition wheel on my 4Runner. Factory Toyota wheel with a sporty look.

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