Where is the fuel gauge ground?

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Aug 17, 2005
Hi all-

This question is in regards to my 1989 FJ62. Since the crap weather hit us a the fuel gauge has been dead; no readings at all. At first, the problem was intermittent, and seemed to pop up when it was raining out. When it was raining the gauge would be dead and the rear wiper would also be dead. For the last 3 weeks the gauge has been constantly dead and the rear wiper has worked flawlessly. Seems like the problem has stabalized into being just the faulty gauge.

I did a search but didn't find what I was looking for. Can anyone tell me where to check for a faulty fuel gauge ground?

FSM just says to look for a bad ground but does not tell me where to look. Do I need to take my whole dash off? Other threads have suggested removing the dash and checking the connections. Does this sound like it will healp my situation??
you might have already pulled the carpet in the back but if you have not you can try this fold up the carpet and you will find a access cover the fuel sending unit is right there just pull the wire and make your own ground i just went threw droping the tank rewiring the fuel pump and sending unit .hope i helped:beer:

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