Where can I get one of these???

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Jan 4, 2007
Always on the Run
Anyone know what this is and where I can get one?
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Well it looks like it is a stabilzer jack of some sorts. Maybe to keep the trailer from lifting the front up when loaded up with gear?

Try one of the m101 groups like Yahoo.

Rezarf <><
I have built my own adjustable swing leg for my rear of M416. We can sleep inside our popup tent on the top of trailer without the fear of flip over.

The M416 is only 60/40 ratio so it is easy to lift the loaded trailer tongue to move it around. But on the other hand, if I step on the end of the trailer, the end will go down, mine comes with custom tailgate.

I have never seen this item so how did you come across this?

these pics came from the M101 yahoo group? And thats exactly why I would like to put one on for when I put my rooftop tent on and its not attached to the cruiser!

That leg was an ebay find I came across some time ago. The first pic is from the ebay ad and the 2nd from the person who has it now, Bill aka FeilEOD. Bill and I did some bartering for the leg.

It was actually intended to be a trailer jack and is unfortunately no longer made. From the paper work I had these were last made in the late 60's or early 70's.

The leg was modified by cutting the original tube and extending it by welding it to a piece of 1" sch 40 pipe.

Other than the formed sheet metal base, the leg could be easily replicated. Angle iron could easily replace the formed sheet metal.
Use either tube or pipe for the main section, weld on a nut, and insert a studded leveling pad. Reid Tool, McMaster-Carr are a few suppliers of these.

The minimal length of the leg was 18". The maximum extension was 24", so it has 6" of play. The bottom of the M101CDN is about 21" off from level ground. This gives it 3" either way for 'high' or 'low' ground.

Thank you for the info, it looked military so I did not know if it was a M101 option or such? I will try and fabricate one!
i just put a hitch receiver on the back of my trailer and purchased a cheap trailer jack to do the same thing. I am going to weld the trailer jack's pivoting mount to a 2x2 piece of stock so it can be slipped into the receiver at rest and stored away otherwise.

the first trick is to find a small trailer jack with the crank handle on the side (most small ones have it on the top which will bang into the trailer). the second trick if you have a tailgate is to find one with the mounting point at the top like the one above. again, most are about 1/3 of the way down the body of the jack so the top of the jack will interfere with the tailgate. so far the jack i found can only be used when the tailgate is shut.
Just bought something off ebay almost like it? An old camper stand! needs a cleaning.
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photo of my approach. i would have got a smaller unit but this was on for a really big discount and most of them have horizontal handles where a vertical handle is necessary. I could not find one that would not interfere with the tailgate opening.

i had the receiver piece that bolts onto the jack made up custom but have since realized that there is an off the shelf solution. you can buy a receiver piece that ends with a plate with the 4 bolt holes used on type 2 receivers like the 80 series.
A tailgate also, Nice! I am thinking about a tailgate? any suggestions on undercoating the bottom? I was thinking POR15? then the frame coming out will match the frame of my cruiser of hot pink! just kidding, satin black I think? I dont know what sheen is factory on FJ frames, I am thinking satin maybe flat?
i am going rattle can olive green so far ;)

it was just finished on saturday. once i get back from moab, I'll sandblast it and pick a colour. I want to rhino line the bed and undercarriage and so por15 might not be in the budget for primer. whatever it is, it will eventually be a matt finish and something I can touch up with a rattlecan.

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