Wheerler's for the wounded, KS event (1 Viewer)

Jul 9, 2004
Montgomery Co. TEXAS
Hey folks,

Chris King from the White Trash has brought this to my attention....


the BrushBeater Jeep Club is hosting an event Kansas Rocks in support of this cause.

Please read the information on the site and I would like to officially make this a TAC event for 2009.

As a Gulf War vet I would like to invite EVERYONE to support this!!!!!!!!

Seems to me we ALL owe seven plus years of peace on US soil to our soldiers overseas who have given and GIVEN UP SO MUCH to keep us safe at home. Those who have made the sacrafice, so unimaginable to me, deserve ANYTHING we can do to try an repay out debt to them!

Duane, can you speak with the BoD at K-Rocks about donating park fees, full or in part, to this organization? Please keep us posted on this event if at all possible.

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