Wheelin' weekend in Northeastern Iowa May 18th-20th

Aug 30, 2006
Hey guys. I have a piece of property in Northeastern Iowa (near Lansing Iowa south of La Crosse WI) and am having some people down to wheel May 19th and 20th. We will likely be down there Friday, May 18th as well. There are several trails ranging from easy to very hard (36" tires, lockers fr &rr and a winch mandatory) and of course a swamp. We will be cutting a new trail as well. The terrain is dirt, some mud, rocks trees and hills. It is very primitive camping with a biffy, electricity, running water and some barns to fix trucks although you could stay at a hotel in one of the two nearby towns. There will be all kinds of trucks etc. Anyone interested email j2custom@msn.com for more specifics. Thanks!

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