Wheel inquiry from DownUnder

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Dec 15, 2011
Perth, Western Australia
G'day from WA! Long time lurker, first time poster.

First, let me say thanks to a lot of people on here, I have gained a lot of info from what I read here. Even though your steering wheel is on the wrong side :D

I want to ask you guys about Mickey Thompson Classic II wheels. We dont seem to get them down here, and I would like to. But I would like some feedback. I am looking to get 17x9, obviously 5x150 bolt pattern, and they only come in +13mm offset or 5.5" backspace. Does anyone have these wheels? Pictures of them? Are they good quality?

As you well know, aftermarket wheels for Cruisers are few and far between. Its either the Classics, or second choice ATX Ledge teflon, but I'm concerned the teflon will wear off too easily.

Thanks in advance for any info.
hey ya mate , i think with a zero offset on the ledges you'll be to far out (even though the look pretty good ) poss same prob with m thompsons .......i
have also read a post on here some where about the quality of the mt's being
pretty average ?
Check out the 5x150 dick Cepek by Mickey Thompson ,slightly better offset...
kmc monsters come in 19 25 and 35 mm offset check this thread https://forum.ih8mud.com/100-series-cruisers/516514-nates-down-under-build.html
35mm would be close to perfect although alot of people go for a window of 18mm to 40mm, might also look better with centre caps removed. Nates look good but i think hes trimed his fenders (you read correctly , actual fenders ) to deal with contact. He has the 19mm offset.
This has been a never ending quest for me ,especially since i'm in new zealand with
even less options , post back if find anything ......:bang:
Thanks for the reply dtree. Not reaaly a fan of the Dick Cepek wheels, and my opinion is the KMC's look brilliant, and Nate's rig looks pretty good, but I want to stay with a 17", and not so 'showy'.

As for the offset, depending on how much will depend on whether I fit flexi flares or FRP flares. The flexis come in 25mm or 60mm, and the FRP's are 40mm. The Classic II's will fit under the 40mm flare.
i know what your saying about the dc's .....i always keep going back to the
idea of spacers ......
pro comp had some pretty good ones but discontinued
it's like the pot of gold at the end of the rain bow with these wagons,
the offsets always wrong or to blingy or etc etc and on it goes....
I recall seeing these possibly on an LC that Darren in Geelong setup but I could be wrong.
I actually like these rims but the price I was quoted at my local reseller put me off.

I ended up importing some 18x9 ultra wheels (search for Gauntlet ) which worked out cheaper even with the freight costs. Btw three rims arrived today but I wasn't home :-/

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