What's the deal with the different color bvsv?

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Jun 3, 2005
Oklahoma City, OK
The bvsv valves on my 81 FJ60 have severed vac connections, so I went to the deal where I was dismayed at the $100 price tag to replace both of them! After searching around, I ordered 2 of them from a fellow ih8mudder for $10 each. I was more that happy to pay that price. When they got here, one was violet and the other light blue. In the SOR catalog, it states lt blue is for 76-80 and pink is for 81-87. I assume the violet is the same for all. The question I have is....

What is the difference between all the different colors of bvsv valves? Will it really matter if I install these 2 in place of my broken one? What are the ramifications if any?
i would guess that like you said blue/pink are interchangable. i would think that the two smog systems 40/60 on the 2f are the same. i think they work relative to the heat of the cooling system. one turns on (opens) at a lower temp and the other turns on at normal operating temp.
Yeah.. I think the color corresponds with a different temperature the valve opens or closes.

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