What's it worth? Yucky Trucky on the Block

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Dec 6, 2003
OK - let's start the appraisal process. Getting rid of it to get a newer cruiser to build up. This thing has been a beast that's made some really tough baja trips fully loaded and created some great memories. Aptly named Yucky Trucky by my 5 year old niece because it occassionally smells funky after a surfing trip, it has some issues, as you'll see below. Don't have the time, garage to make this thing the monster it could be. I'd like to get $7K, but I may be living a fantasy... You decide. Will list it in for sale section based partly on your feedback. Thanks, group. You all have helped out a lot on this continuing build. Will post a couple pix here in a minute. Currently in Los Angeles.


1987 FJ60
225K miles
Chevy 350
Rear air springs for heavy loads
ARB rear locker
1.5 gallon air tank
dual optimas
new paint 2 years ago
32" BFG all terrains on black rims
rear aluminum storage box on swing out bumper
disc player
front ARB bumper to take winch
electric fan and motor fan puller
grab bag of spare parts not worth listing but maybe handy

*It's not registered because:
-needs diagnostic port to computer
-needs hot air intake stove into air cleaner
-needs fuel evaporative cannister
-sometimes when hot, the NEW starter and the NEW alternator and the two optima batteries just produce a "click". seldom happens, but an annoying electrical ghost

*air lines on rear air springs have a slow leak -- easy fix
*ARB works but leaks in the diff ... bad gaskets or install i figure
*a little frame rust behind the rear axle
*minor body rust around the windscreen, a little on the rain gutters where roof racks sat
*interior in OK shape, torn up front drivers, stained (?!?) passenger seat
*oil pressure gauge not hooked up
*no tach
*stalls when cold unless you're good with the clutch/gas
*found rodent crap on rear seat last week. it ate a candy bar
*rear washer jet don't work
*350 runs smooth and strong when warm, stays cool, but can't vouch for it b/c mechanic who did the swap took a dive
If you can, post up some pics, it will help everyone better appraise the vehicle you have.
I would like to see pictures of the frame and body rust, but I think you're shooting for 1/2 of your initial target at best, the market for 60 series Cruisers is soft and only a pristine, *untouched* vehicle might get you that.
Sorry dude! I concur with the everyone else. Not llike you really need to hear it again but 7K is too much. I was just recently in the market and found that nice clean, stock 60's where going for around 5K.

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