what turbo for 14b?

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Jul 19, 2013
gold coast aus
Hey guys just a couple of questions. I've got a 14b in the shed that I'm about to start to rebuild for my fj45. I've got a turbo'd 3b (garrett t25 .48.49) in one of my bj's and the turbo sizing seems spot on just wondering if would be too small for the 14b? I've got a spare turbo in the shed, but can also easily get t25 .60.64 but wondering if it would be too laggy? both turbo's are easy to get hold of 2nd hand and so are rebuild kits. Also question 2 is are there any internal upgrades I can do to the 14b while I'm in there? cheers
Speak with @gbentink

I'm heading down the same path with my 14b, will be getting one of his turbos when the day comes.


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