What trailer to use?

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Aug 25, 2005
Hey guys, I am stationed in MO and getting ready to move to Ft Bragg, NC. I have a 78 FJ40 with 35's. Does uhaul have a trailer this would fit on and be secured safely enough to travel with or would it be best to flat tow it. I am going to tow it with a 03 Chevy Silverado 4x4. Thanks for any info provided.
i think uhaul has a dual axle flat trailer that would work .
The wheel strap tiedowns that U-haul uses on those trailers don't fit 32s very well and I would not trust them with the 35s. I would find some standard sized tires, at the junk yard, to use to trailer the 40. Also, the U-haul trailers are real heavy, I believe about 2,000 lb empty. So make sure that you are not over taxing your truck with the total wieght of the trailer and 40. Good luck.
Thanks guys, I appreciate the help..
uhaul bites the big one... go penske or budget.
IIRC, Pencke will not let you rent a trailer only. You must rent one of their trucks to pull it.

U-haul will rent the trailer only.

I don't know about Budget.
Looking round for some 31's to put on while I tow it. I have been wanting some new wheels for it. I guess now is a good time to get some. Going to find some worn out 31's to put on my old rims just for the move.
uhaul customer service sucks. One would think that a service representive would know or be able to get the answer to max size tire ( diameter) the uhaul auto transport can accomodate. I went to the local uhaul location. The rep couldn't tell me the answer, he had no idea. I called the regional office, all the rep could tell me was oversize tires won't work. He could not tell me what they consider oversize tires to be. Kinda vague considering some oversize tires are smaller than some stock tires vehicles have these days. called 1 800 number and still could not give me an answer. I will put some old 31's on there and try those.
Have you considered buying your own tie downs and axle straps to be used with the Uhaul trailer? Might be cheaper than buying tires just to transport it. Just a thought . . . . .
If you use U Haul it is best to go to a company store instead of a local gas station that rents them. I got burned very badly by a gas station U Haul outfit when I tried to pick up the car transporter that I had RESERVED.

Transporters are in short supply. Ask the dealer if he can actually see the transporter on the lot instead of relying on "it will be here by 4PM." :rolleyes:

The GVW on the transporter is enough for your 40. The ones I have used had excellent surge brakes.
I did consider using my own cargo straps. I was just looking at it from the standpoint if something happened during the move where my landcruiser came off the trailer then I would be liable if I didn't use the supplied straps that came with the trailer. I actually intend to use my own cargo straps in conjunction with the tire straps they have on the trailer. I also thought about airing down my 35's when I got it on the trailer but I don't know how safe that would be. How much I would actually have to air down to put the staps on might break the bead. I am getting new wheels put on my cruiser this week. Going to use my old wheels to put some small tires on for the move..
I have a 2003 Silverado Z71 that I pulled my parts 40 loaded on a trailer. The trailer was a very heavy tractor / farm trailer. I pulled it on the interstate with no problems. You won't overload your tow vehicle if you have a factory tow package. I made sure the the 40 was positioned propery on the trailer with the proper tongue weight. I now have my own trailer with electric brakes and it makes a long trip soooo much better. If you have a choice definatly get one with brakes ( surge or electric). You don't have to have them but it is alot better towing. I would do your suggestion and use your straps to supplement tie down. Keep checking the straps. They will come loose unless you use chains / comalongs. I learned the hard way even after I checked them a few times.
Thanks for the suggestion. Mine is a Z71 also with Tow package. I will post back up to tell how it goes. Trailering it next weekend. Going to drop it off and my parents house in VA. Once i get settled in in NC take a road trip and drive it back to NC..
Just to give an update so this may help others. I drove my Cruiser to another uhaul place to check out the autotransports. I was trying to get an answer as far as max tire size. He said mine were too big. I knew that already. He said it wouldn't be an issue to put it on there. He told me to just get some cargo straps and hook them into the tire straps that are on there. The tire straps wont fit all the one around but it would work. He showed me where to hook them up and offered to help me the day I pick up the trailer. He said they have done it before. I am still going to add some more cargo straps to the cruiser. I will see how it works out and post up some pictures..
Good luck, I don't think that you will have any problems. You seem to have it under control.
Welcome to the south. Have fun in Fayetnam. I believe that there are a good number of LC owners in and around Fayetteville.
Update. Made it to NC no problem. I was able to use the uhaul trailer with my FJ40 still sitting on 35's and not airing down. I used ratchet straps to attatch to the wheel straps that are installed on the trailer to secure them since they would not fit all the way over with 35" tires. I also used two ratchet straps with 10,000lb breaking strengh. One attatched to my front bumper to the front of the trailer and the other attatched around the rear axle to the rear of the trailer. I had no issues, the cruiser did not move an inch. So no need to use smaller tires for the ride. Once I get all settled in, I will post some pictures of how I did it. additionally, I taped the ratchet in place so it wouldn't come undone using 100mph tape( duck tape) curtosy of the ARMY.
I guess you proved Uhaul wrong...They are a bunch of idiots...I am moving to Fort Bliss and need to tow my car with 20's...The diameter of the tire is 25 inches...Do you think it would fit on a uhaul transport, asking because of your experience...
Thank you for the info. Very helpful. I'm towing my 67' FJ 40 to a camping/offroad trip in a few weeks. I've been exploring all my options. I'm towing with a 03 Silverado 2wd std cab short bed with the small V8 - Just barely enough weight and power to pull, if I take it real easy and slow.... i think.


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