What starter are you using with Marks adapter to 350

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Mar 29, 2005
I have a 350 in 79 fj40 with marks adapter what starter to use.
I've gone all through my Mark's paperwork, and I can't find a recommendation for a particular starter. The starter I have listed in my receipts from the shop that did the work only lists a part number of whoever rebuilt it, and I can't cross reference it on the Internet.

Having said that, perhaps this offers a useful clue - The Advance Adaptors Toyota catalog says the Mark's kit is designed to use a 168 tooth GM flywheel. Whatever starter is used would have to be for this flywheel.

The 168 tooth flywheel is 14" (11" clutch, though some references show 12". The Mark's kit uses an 11" clutch.)

The smaller 153 tooth flywheel is 12-3/4".

At this website http://www.50chevy.freeservers.com/Starter_Bellhousing.html the starter that seems to be most suitable for 350 engines and heavy duty clutches (which would use the larger flywheel) is P/N 1108361.

I also should add that the high torque starters usually have a dual bolt pattern to fit either flywheel.
When i did my conversion back in 1996 I slapped in a mean green high torque starter and have had no problems with it. Even with almost 12:1 compression. It does have the option to mount it 2 ways, and it came with an extensive amount of shims, but I didn't even need to use any of them.
I have a 350 in 79 fj40 with marks adapter what starter to use.
I am running a Hi-torque mini starter that I picked up from a local performance parts supplier. They have multiple adjustments built into their design for different applications, the one that I am using is made by Power Master. If you email me at work I can send you some images. bmcdonald@aqualu.com .
Look at your block and see if you have the staggared bolt holes or straight bolt holes. then check your flywheel for 168 or 153 tooth. other than those two things they all fit
starter for marks adapter

thanks all for the great information

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