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Nov 6, 2006
Jackson, MS
Cruiser friends....been around awhile, been awhile since I stopped by.

I am selling my 1983 Yota pickup and I can not get a solid price on what I should ask for it. Prices and offers are all over the place. Of course what most of us would pay vs. the rest of civilization is different. Just trying to gauge y'alls thoughts.

1983 Toyota Long-bed Pickup,DeerCamp Edition.
4wd, locking hubs
Solid front axle.
Spring lift, no spacers.
35' Super Swampers
Dick Cepek rims quality 5/10.
5 speed manual
Non fuel injected, good ol' gas pedal pumping carb.
LineX Bed liner paint job
Remote operated 360 degree spotlight on roof which also tilts 90 degrees.
Working Winch
CHROME Tool box
Clear Title in hand
Located in Brandon, MS on the Rez.
Little to no rust, floor pans are solid as a rock.

**The not so good: Needs radio installed(in the tool box), window handle on passenger side is stripped and has aftermarket handle (vicegrips) installed to roll it up and down, a/c components removed from engine bay, newer carb but needs a little tweaking as I said, tires have some dry rot but hold air and have a ton of tread), throws mud turds 200+ yards.




Mar 9, 2011
Depends on the day
I have no clue but I’ll weigh in.

$4500 to a Toyota lover seems about right.

you can talk price all day. Bottom line: what do you need/want out of it? Bounce that against what someone is willing to pay.

you’re in prime deer hunter buying season so just sit on it until cash arrives in the amount that allows your heart to let go.

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