What is the rivet size for windshield trim?

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Jul 25, 2014
Bluegrass state
My LC has wind noise on the top of the A pillar since I had the windshield replaced. Last weekend, I pulled the trim that cover the rivets trying to see if anything is amiss. I notice that the installer did not attach the rivet to the top hole, no wonder there is wind noise. I know... stupid me I should have figure this out sooner.

It is a local installer, and I am not sure I want them to touch my car anymore. I am curious if anyone know the rivet size used to attach the windshield trim to A pillar? I just need to install the top rivet. Looking at the trim, I need a rivet gun that has pretty small head to fit into the trim.

Let me know if this not a good idea for DIY? Or maybe I should just let a professional fix this?


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