What can they say now...

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Jun 29, 2006
Carolina Beach NC
UNC 89 - Michigan 72...

Of course, it only had to do with how badly Michigan played, not how well UNC played. All the CBS analysts picked Michigan, good for them and their insight.

Congrats to the Seniors who stuck it out, playing 4 years and going out with a National Championship. Who could have asked for such an outstanding college career.

Go Heels!
That win last night got me the win in our office pool. Im lovin it.:grinpimp:
That first half was an absolute clinic! It was a blast to watch. Second half was a snooze. Regardless, congrats to the Tar Heels! They played a fantastic game and had MSU out of sorts from the start.

I also hope Raymar Morgan of MSU rebounds and has a monster year next year - those guys from Canton (OH) McKinley kick @zz!
Very happy now that there will be no asterisk on Tyler's career record that denotes "but....he didn't win a National Championship". He's now done it all. Can't wait to see #50 in the rafters, and a big ole "2009 National Champions" banner on the other end of the Dean Dome.

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