What are you using for 24v fog lights.

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Dec 16, 2015
Looking for lights for my hj61. I'm in the USA so little differnt to find 24v stuff. Looking to mount some lights on my bumper and tie them into the factory harness.
Find yourself a set of LEDs. Most that I have seen have a vary wide voltage input range. And they draw next to nothing for amps.

I just installed these on my HJ61. They draw 3.2 amps each at 12V and 1.7amps on 24V. They are a 7" LED with three pods. Two are spot and one is flood. LOVE them. There are varying qualities of LEDs out there. I have cheapos and expensive and in between. In general you get what you pay for. I like the better/more light of the better pods but I am not willing to pay the $$$ for them. BUT there IS a difference. I bought three 20" LED that ranged from $50, $100, and $400. The $100 light gets my vote although the $400 had considerable more light. The light on the $50 light was OK but it had radio interference and you could tell it was a cheaper build just by handling it although it looked identical to the $100 light.

Awesome info! How did you wire them up? Like I said I would like to just splice them into the factory wiring so I can just use the switch that's already there and keep it more original. Trying to keep it simple haha.
I have them on their own circuit and switched on the dash. I have all my lights using a duetch connector at the light, then ran back to a fuse block, with a switch on the dash.

Is their a fog light switch on your 61? It would be as simple as wiring in a 24V relay and have it switched with what ever dash switch you want.
I asked the question on here before about this switch on my dash (furthest left) and I was told that is in fact a fog light switch and that the two connectors on the side of the battery should be the wire harness for the lights. The lights were not on the HJ when I bought it. So I'll have to experiment to find out for sure.
sweet. If that's the plug you should be able to use a LED for that easily. Even if you have to add a relay after that plug... See what the fuse is rated at as I am sure it's on it's own circuit.

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