Well equipped FJ60 in PA $4000

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Selling my 86 FJ60, too many trucks not enough room. This is a great running truck and quite the buy for the money. Silver in color with a gray interior, interior is very nice, no tears anywhere including headliner and driver seat. Tuffy console which fits perfectly. In-dash CD player that works well. Has the Japanese market inclinometer/clock package, too, and it works. Has a CB radio that works fine. AC blows cold. Windshield replaced about a year ago. Same key fits all locks.

In fact everything works on this truck- wipers on all settings- lo, hi, and intermittent. Rear wiper and washer work, rear heater and rear window defroster work. Front heater blows in all speed ranges. All lights work as they should as do the horns. It has an FJ62 steering wheel which looks good. Both interior dome lights work correctly, too. Seat belts are intact and retract OK. Carpet in cargo area not perfect but other carpet is at least good.

Equipment wise it has lots. Full Old Man Emu suspension with springs and shocks, ARB front bumper with like-new Warn 8274 winch, remote controller is of course included and the winch works fine. Has a custom rear bumper which looks pretty good and has a receiver built into it for towing. Wheels are steel 15" x 8" with BF Goodrich mud terrains, that have about 1000 miles on them, they're 33 x 12.50's. Power steering works fine. Frame is fine.

Truck has 157K and runs well, Starts well and drives well, goes down the road straight, handles good and rides very well for a 60. It really doesn't even have much wind noise and cruises easily at 65MPH. Engine is original, transmission is an H55 5 speed which is perfect for this truck. It has the right transfer case behind it, too, the heavier duty late model split case with the provision for oiling fifth gear. Axles are from an FJ62, have the better brakes and 4.10 fine spline third members. Hubs are the original (best) Aisins. Brakes work as they should and the parking brake holds well. Clutch and drivetrain are strong and 4WD works perfectly and shifts easily. As far as I know it has no serious leaks (I don't keep it in a garage).

That's it for the good, now for the bad. It has some rust, worst of which is a hole in the driver front door - can't see it from the outside though and it isn't a problem. The rear wheelwells have started to rust as has the liftgate. There's a slight start of rust on the valance. There are a few dents nothing major. Paint is faded badly and former owner did a rattle can spray over that looks OK from a distance, actually it ain't that bad. That's it for the bad.

Price is absolutely firm, with the equipment this truck has it can be parted for more than the price. I have a clear PA title in my name and the truck is currently licensed, inspected and insured in PA. Located northeast PA near Rausch Creek offf road park. This is a turn key truck that can wheel, carry lots of groceries, and goes anywhere in snow. $4000 is a good price. I will send photos to serious buyers on Monday- I'm tied up work-wise this weekend. If you want to talk about the truck send me your phone number and I'll call you. Best way to reach me for serious buyers is home email- shmukter@pa.metrocast.net. This is a good cruiser, I was the third owner, it had formerly been owned by two members of the same family since new. Shmukster
stop doing this! you have gone mad! I have no clue what a 60 is going for in PA but on the west coast you are giving it away. how hard up for cash can you be.:ban:
Guys this truck is a good truck. I thought it sold 6 months ago or I would have picked it up. I wish that I had the $4k free to buy it.
I'm just waiting to hear back, I emailed Shmukster. If it turns out to be what he says it is I will probably buy it.
I saw this truck myself and it is well worth the price. I think he's nuts for selling it. Gary is a straight shooter....hell I bought my 60 off him. Bump for a nice 60. Mike
just a heads up, I have commited to buying Gary's 60. Should be picking it up in the next few days. Gary is a great guy and has been awesome to deal with. You can take what he says as truth. Can't wait to pick up the 60!
just a heads up, I have commited to buying Gary's 60. Should be picking it up in the next few days. Gary is a great guy and has been awesome to deal with. You can take what he says as truth. Can't wait to pick up the 60!

second that. youll find his aunt to be a trip.
FJ60 sold

Chris Stamm is buying the 60 I think he's getting a helluva deal. Thanks for all the interest (wish I had a few more 60's to sell!!!!). Gary S
Damn good deal.

Gary thought that you had sold it 6 months ago or I would have bought it then, but ohhh well.

You are stealing it at $4k.

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