Welding & Fabrication at My Place May 25th


Mar 6, 2010
Reno, NV
Hey Gents: Ryan Apple will be at my house on May 25th starting at around 9AM until the sun goes down. Ryan is bringing his welder and his plasma cutter and a bunch of other tools.

Here's a shot of his 40 (left)

He will be helping me out with the following...

1. Teaching me how to replace rusty/damaged panels
2. Setting up my Saginaw gearbox brackets and such
3. Flipping my rear shackle mounts
4. Anything else I can get him to help me with!

@Krusty Krab is thinking about coming to have Ryan weld up something on his chassis (well his FJ40's chassis).

All are welcome! I'll provide pizza and beverages, but I'd like a headcount to make that purchase more accurate. I'm planning on taking Ryan and his wife to dinner before they head home. We will most likely go to Miguel's Mexican Food on S. Virginia St and Mt. Rose Hwy (The Summit Reno). You are welcome to go to dinner too, but we'll do that dutch.
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