Weekday evening wheeling

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Jan 21, 2005
Powell River, BC
Weather depending, I'd like to shake some rust off (literally..hah!), and take a trip up 'Forbidden Mountain' one of these afternoon/evenings this week.

Would anyone be interested in joining me? It would probably be a last minute kinda thing, as I'd get home, see if its not going to rain, run and grab a permit, then head out.

I still havent got around to getting the parts for my top, thats why the weather factor.
If I get my truck back in the near future,you can count me in.
Rod's truck is in limbo at Steve's.
i would like to go im off for 2 weeks call if you are going (778) 773 2483
You should see me trying to get into it!
we're having our way with Rod's Cruiser

maybe olive drab paint too
I'm up for it. Let me know when 604.803.3506. Although the last time i was there, just past the entrance there waqs a lot of garbage let by people, It would be nice if we could clean up that area while we are there (on the way back).
All this sun has been killing me slowly as I drive my non AC'd echo to work...so I'm going tonight to get a permit for tomorrow on the 40 and drive the beast to work.
Anyone wanna hit up Eagle in the early evening?

I usually get off work at 5, leave Burnaby (bottom of Byrne road) and can be at Coquitlam Center in about 45 mins or so. I could leave earlier if anyone has time restraints, flex hours for me so no big deal.
Refer to post #3
Thanks for the offer Jeff.I'd love to,but my leg would'nt.I find being up-right for more then an hour is a real pain right now.

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