Web Photo album project call for material.

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Dain Bramaged Member
Jun 23, 2005
Reno, NV
At the last meeting I was task with adding some photo albums to our web site.

I have been researching this and I think I'm ready to get started.

What I need is some photos to work with.

The first album will be a montage of pictures from all the 2007 trail runs. Once I have that template set up I can do a album for each future trip.

If you would like to contribute you can post pictures here, or e-mail them to me rusty.tlc(at)gmail.com.

Please include a title and any info on the subject you have for each picture, lets limit the content of this first album to photos from Club trips in 2007 only.
soon as I get my SICK computer back, youre welcome to what I have!

I'll see if Todd Kaderabek will let us post up the Steam Shovel PDFs from Trails, and I'll burn a CD of some shots that have yet to see light in print or cyberspace.
Lets set the photo size to 1024X786 max. that should look good on a 17" monitor.
What file size? We want stuff to load pretty fast, and if we start using a lot of band width our gracious host might remember that we don't pay for our site hosting.
All have to see what i have and mail them to you or give you the Link Rusty

I have quite a few as well, I will dig them up and burn them to a disc and bring them to next meeting
Here is some that I have Dan!

deervalley07 014.jpg
deervalley07 013.jpg
deervalley07 046.jpg
more pics
barneyriley 007.jpg
barneyriley 008.jpg
barneyriley 011.jpg
barneyriley 012.jpg
barneyriley 015.jpg
barneyriley 021.jpg
few more
barneyriley 002.jpg
barneyriley 017.jpg
barneyriley 022.jpg
few more deer valley.
deervalley07 004.jpg
deervalley07 006.jpg
deervalley07 037.jpg
More of the same!
deervalley07 029.jpg
deervalley07 038.jpg
deervalley07 042.jpg
I have some from the Strawberry run last year too, but theyre still on the camera. I have some of the TWO extraction efforts from that day!


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