Water leak from rear vent window.

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Oct 27, 2009
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I have a pretty serious leak or leaks in my rear vent window. Noticed wetness when I took the panel off and it drips a lot when it rains. Pushing on the window from the outside doesn’t seem to help reduce the dripping.

Has anyone run into this and fixed it? I’ll probably replace the rubber and seam hoping that fixes it. I searched ih8mud and didn’t find any posts...

Yes, I had same issue and had trouble tracking down where it was coming from. Had to pull all the interior rear panels out. It ended up being the rear quarter panel trim molding. It acts as a seal and the thin rubber along bottom was dry rotted and allowing water behind it which dripped down through the plug clip holes into the rear quarter panels. I order oem replacements from the UAE on ebay. They shipped very quick!
Thanks for the info and links! I saved $30 by using the link instead of lexuspartsnow.
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NP! FYI- you have the partially remove the rear windows to get access to the outside forward push type retaining clip. I removed the bottom 10mm nut and loosened the top nut from inside the cab on the rear window and used a curved pick tool to push the retaining clip in and pop it out. Then from inside the cab area i reached inside blindly under the quarter panel and used 90degree needle nose pliers to pinch the 3 trim plug clips in to release the trim molding piece.
Any idea of how to pull the upper panel off (that surrounds the rear quarter vent window) to get it out of the way? I have gotten all the bottom clips out of the upper panel (had to remove lower panel) but I can’t get the upper clips of the upper panel off, I’m trying really hard not to break the clips! And to disarm the side curtain I’ve just take my battery cable off. Any help in removing the top trim clips?

Regarding the molding piece I’m trying to replace,I can’t really see where to to pop it off where it goes under the window. When you say you removed the 10mm bolt and loosened the other one, you are talking about the window clamp bracket, right? Getting that off allows the window to be opened quite a bit more closer to the rear of the window but I need to access under the front side of the vent window. Any help here?

I tried ordering a techinfo subscription but the site said it would be down this weekend. Then when I tried AllData it said the was a problem with my order so I’m hoping someone can help me out
On the passenger side you will have to remove the sub if you have one to get inside the panel. As far as the upper interior trim pieces I just pulled outwards and they popped off.
Thanks, so I might just have to pull a lot harder? it just doesn’t seem like normal clips holding it in at the top. It’s a nice flush fit too so I thought they might be something special. No sub.

EDIT: I was able to pop the upper corner one next to the back window and then I grabbed it from the center top and pulled while lifting and it all came away.

Pic for anyone wondering later.


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Might be a few leaks at the bottom of the weatherstrip. I pulled it off and cleaned it. There’s thick grease inside the rubber channel - no weatherstrip adhesive. I’ve put it back for now but will probably order some new ones for $36 ea. Part numbers 62742-60081 for passenger side and 62741-60091 for driver side.


I pulled the window out along with the inside panels to replace the molding. Two nuts on the hinge side under the upper panel (removed) and two bolts on the bracket on the latch side is all it takes to remove the quarter vent window. Then the molding can be popped out. A retainer clip holds the molding in place near the hinge side on the window and then there’s three vertical ones that pop in place to fasten it. Mine corner retainer broke and I didn’t have a Lexus one but I found something that worked.

Window removed:

Non OEM retainer clip that holds the corner in place:

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Thanks @bufferdan for the quick responses today.
Np- Nice job! I shoulda took pics but I'm always too impatient and just wanna get things done. Kind of hard to describe these things. Also as far as the grease inside the main weather stripping channels... Keep it in there! I wiped it all out around my back cargo door stripping and water just started flowing in.

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