Water in headlight

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Jun 23, 2016
Wyoming MI
My left headlight assembly has water in it, well moisture to be more exact.
When the DRL's are on it condenses on the inside of the lens and then disappears after shut down.
Is this a common problem?
I did a tune up and coolant flush this weekend and gave the engine a bath afterwards.
I had a similar issue with my truck when i first got it (though I had standing water in my headlamp after giving it a wash). I ended up removing the headlight, cleaning it out with soapy water (I might have rinsed with isopropyl alcohol too, I dont remember). I then used some sealent to re-seal the seam. I dont remember what i used but it was probably something like silicone. I havent had any issues since.
Great thank you. I will take care of it when I order my new LED bulbs. No need to pull the assembly out more times than I have to.
I have a unopened tube of clear marine grade silicone in the garage.

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